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Hope, Caught on Film

Last week, anonymous U.S. officials told the media that the U.S. military wouldn't stop the drone-launched missile attacks, which they have been carrying out for years within Pakistan.

Discouraging news, indeed.

 But we all need encouragement, so here's a little good news—images of a chance encounter of a peace-building kind.

Several men from Pakistan, walking on Pennsylvania Avenue a few weeks ago, were encouraged to see a peace witness in front of the White House—and, in particular, to see the sign urging an end to drone attacks on their homeland. They enthusiastically snapped photos, telling the witness participants they'd send the images home that very night. The witness, which included a Lenten liturgy, was held last month by Consistent Life (formerly the Seamless Garment Network) and members of Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House.
You never know who you'll connect with when you speak out for peace and justice!

Elizabeth Palmberg is an associate editor of Sojourners magazine. She tweets @ZabPalmberg.

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