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Hidden Battles: A Story of Five Former Soldiers

Hidden Battles is a 65-minute documentary which follows a female Sandinista rebel, an Israeli officer, a Palestinian freedom fighter, and two American soldiers as they come to terms with their combat experiences. The film offers unique insight and hope into the internal conflicts that human beings around the world continue to face long after they have left the battlefield.

The documentary listens to the stories of these former soldiers as they reconcile what it means to have killed another human. A Vietnam veteran recalls that when he first killed, he was gripped by the feeling that he "did something -- literally against God." Watch this film and see how these veterans have fought to overcome. Each soldier deals with killing in his or her own unique way. Hidden Battles shows five ways in which this act is integrated into five different lives. Ultimately these stories testify to the resilience of the human spirit and hopefulness for the future.

The documentary team is hoping to set up viewings across the country that provide an opportunity for conversation and not just viewership. Discussions that follow the film allow viewers to engage in meaningful dialogue on the soldier experience that resonates with veterans, their families, and civilians alike. The hope of Hidden Battles is that through igniting conversations social change can occur. The creators of the film have been promoting the documentary across the country to help raise awareness of the personal repercussions of war and violence.

If you are interested in attending a screening please check out the website for clips, trailers, and opportunities in your area to view the film. If you would like to host a screening the website provides resources and a guide on how to set up either a private or public viewing in your town.

portrait-hannah-lytheHannah Lythe is policy and outreach associate at Sojourners.