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Half-Handed Cloud Audio Interview and Free Song Download

There are several factoids about John Ringhofer that elicit fandom, and none of them have anything to do with his music:

  1. He still uses a CD walkman
  2. He lives rent-free in a church in Berkeley, California, where he serves as the custodian.
  3. He often attends two to three church services a Sunday because he loves the art of sermonizing.
  4. He is a nice guy.

That last one I experienced first-hand several years ago when I -- a complete stranger -- emailed him to ask if he would send some birthday gifts to a friend of mine who was a huge fan. A few days later, I received a package for my friend complete with guitar picks, CDs of unreleased songs, and a hand-written note wishing my friend a happy birthday. That kind of thoughtfulness cannot be faked. Ringhofer is the real deal.

And so is his music. Really, genuinely honest -- John Ringhofer, under the moniker Half-Handed Cloud, writes thoughtful and reflective songs about faith and spirituality that mimic a child's ability to ask simple questions that make us say, I never thought about it that way!

I hope you'll enjoy our brief interview with Half-Handed Cloud, as well as the free music download of his song, All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray, from his new album, Cut Me Down and Count My Rings.

Jeannie ChoiJeannie Choi is an assistant editor at Sojourners.

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