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Haiti: Praying, Waiting, and Worshiping in the Rubble

This is Cindy and Phyllis writing to let you know that we are all safe here at Bolosse. We were hit hard though. The Bible School building collapsed all over the attic and the office floors. Students were in classes. Bruce, David, and a bunch of students are still working trying to get the last two students out. We haven't heard noises from them recently so we're not sure they're alive. We don't have the equipment for this. We've heard horrible rumors of the damage around the city. Students are all up here sitting around on the lawns. We will probably sleep here tonight all of us outside. Just wanted to let someone know out there that we're alive. Telephones are out of course; we've turned off water, gas, electric, etc. It was a terrifying experience and I know there are many dead outside and around.

This was an e-mail I received late Tuesday night from a missionary group; my heart immediately heard the terror and fear in the situation. I recently worked in Cite Soleil with a young woman who has dedicated her life to serving Cite Soleil. When I was there in December I remember walking the streets and seeing things that are unimaginable. Open sewers, old bullet holes in walls, hunger, garbage, shanties, and sickness.

Last night I went to bed and in my head I could hear the wailing of the Haitian people in Cite Soleil. Yesterday held endless news from some of our contacts in Haiti. We heard reports of lost homes, fear, thankfulness for being alive, hunger, and exhaustion. Today the news continued to come. We found out that a hotel we stay in when we go to Port au Prince had collapsed with some of our friends in it. We are still praying for their safety. We have yet to hear any more information.

In trying to make sense of this, I come up without words. Tonight I was reading in Isaiah and I came to the verse, "I will not stop praying for her until her righteous shines like the dawn." My prayer is that in this time of mourning, death, and suffering, people come together throughout the nations and worship and pray for her (Haiti's) righteousness. Tonight I attended a meeting that is working to mobilize the Haitian community in Boston. My heart broke as I surveyed the room and saw about 200 people, many still waiting to get contact in Haiti to see if family is alive. A young Haitian woman took the podium and said, "One thing Haitians are known for is their strength." And tonight my heart smiled as I read a news article about how they could hear Haitians worshiping Jesus as they were trapped in the rubble. In the midst of this suffering, there is great worshiping happening, and I ask that you join the Haitian people and our communities in this prayer and worship.

My sister and I will be traveling to Cite Soleil the first week of February to distribute water, food, and medical supplies. We will be working with a woman that frequently travels to this part of Cite Soleil and has established many relationships with the people. We hope we raise funds to support the work being done specifically in Cite Soleil. Please lift Haiti's people in prayer.

100114-leah-beidler-haitiLeah Beidler has worked side by side with the Haitian people since 2007.To learn more about how you can help, e-mail leahbeidler12@yahoo.com.

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