Good Friday Meditation: Body. Broken. Exploited. | Sojourners

Good Friday Meditation: Body. Broken. Exploited.

Amnesty International members protest human trafficking, 2008. LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images.

Here I am meditating on the broken body that holds the divine and the human in the mysterious way that only the Omniscient understands.

Today, I reflect on this body of Christ. It beckons me and I’m reminded once again that the violence and death that happened on that dark day lingers still. 

It lingers still because we all are created in the image of God. 

Of all the brokenness in the world today -- that which is reported in the news and that which transpires unnoticed, cloaked in silence and shadows -- on this day, my thoughts go to the millions of women and children who are trafficked. I am reminded that they are sold, ravaged, beaten, torn and bid on for a price. They are not able to use their own agency and live lives fulfilling the image of God within them because of the continual dehumanization and rejection of that same divine image.

The feeling is overwhelming and my heart is heavy. In silence, I return to the cross. 

I return to the evidence of death on the cross for an answer and I am reminded of what is to come in three days. 

I am reminded of hope. 

I am reminded of love. 

I am reminded of my responsibility and of the urgency to act, to speak -- to be the hands and feet.

Aimee Kang is office manager for Sojourners.