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Friday Links Round-Up

View_of_Crowd_at_1963_March_on_WashingtonJon Stewart on Ground Zero. Revisiting the Lower Ninth Ward. The March on Washington. Here's a roundup of links from around the web you may have missed this week:

  • Jon Stewart on the "Ground Zero Mosque" debacle.
  • In anticipation of the anniversary of the March on Washington, watch video clips of Eyes on the Prize, a PBS documentary on the American Civil Rights movement.
  • My reflections on a civil rights pilgrimage tour I attended earlier this year, as well as an interview with civil rights singer Bettie Mae Fikes.
  • Finally, Sojourners magazine asks, Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Community Organizers?

Have a beautiful weekend.

Jeannie ChoiJeannie Choi is web editor at Sojourners.

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