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Five Gifts for Your Favorite Faithful Feminist

With Christmas less than a week away, the time for last-minute gift shopping is now. Sojourners’ Just Giving Guide has detailed a variety of ways to shop in a socially-conscious manner. We’ve gone one step further and highlighted some unique purchases from organizations that directly impact the lives of women and girls internationally and domestically. Check out the links below for creative gifts that make a difference for female empowerment.

1. Buy a Jesus Feminist Necklace from Imagine Goods to support survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia.

Imagine Goods focuses on supporting ethical, just and sustainable production practices in every step of the supply chain in Cambodia.  90% of the artisans that work on Imagine Goods products are survivors of trafficking and the rest are vulnerable, marginalized or disabled people who have been trained in a skill as a means of trafficking prevention.  The “Jesus Feminist” collection by Imagine Goods is based off the book Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey and also includes tee-shirts and beautiful prints.

2. Purchase the Robertsport Clutch from Amani, a fair trade sewing program that supports female empowerment in Africa.

Amani ya Juu means “peace from above” in Swahili. Amani is a fair trade sewing and economic development program for marginalized women in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Liberia. The organization started in 1996 with four women sewing placements in Nairobi. Now Amani is comprised of over 100 women representing ethnic groups across Africa. This Amani Clutch is handcrafted using West African fabrics and natural dyes. Amani’s online shop also has a wide variety of hand-woven colorful bagsunique scarves and one-of-kind kitchen accessories.

3. Watch — and then buy — the Girl Rising DVD to help fund the global movement for girls’ education.

Girl Rising is not just a documentary, it’s an uprising. If you or your loved ones haven’t seen the powerful story behind the global movement for girls’ education now is the time to purchase your own DVD. Girl Rising unites girls, women, boys and men who believe that every girl has the right to reach her full potential through education. By buying the Girl Rising DVD or supporting the Girl Rising Shop you can contribute to a cause that can break the cycle of poverty for millions of girls that aren’t in school across the globe.

4. Purchase a pair of Golden Rain Earrings from NightLight Design to support the salaries of women escaping the sex industry in Thailand.

NightLight Design is an organization that works to generate dignifying employment and personal development opportunities for women seeking freedom from the sex industry in Thailand, and 75 percent of each sale goes directly toward the women employed by NightLight Design. NightLight Design also has an incredible collection of distinctive ringsoriginal necklaces and unisex apparel that also make great gifts for those socially-concerned Christmas goers.

5. Provide an Immediate Care Package for a victim of sex trafficking from International Justice Mission.

One goal of International Justice Mission (IJM) is to rescue girls from international human trafficking rings. By purchasing an immediate care package which includes clothing, toiletries, bedding and other small gifts you can provide a tangible sense of comfort and care for a woman who has escaped an indescribable tragedy. IJM has a wide variety of ways that you can support their mission from helping a widow start a small business to sponsoring legal aid for a survivor’s case to be heard in court.

Kaeley McEvoy is Campaigns Assistant for Sojourners.