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Evil Is Innovative

Sunday we had the big sendoff at church. David Batstone (author of Not For Sale) spoke about his findings on slavery worldwide and here in California. It's completely NUTS. Like, the world should be embarrassed. People, didn't we sort this out a century or two ago? But evil is innovative. It seems there are endless ingenious ways to exploit one another. And they say there's nothing new under the sun...

On a completely shallow note, one of the clips they played from the forthcoming Concert to End Slavery film featured a solo piano song by Imogen Heap, which serves to confirm my devastating crush on her kooky six-footness. What, I'm the blogger here; I can't deviate from misery for just one second? The woman's got crazy hair and a thing for social justice. What's not to like?


As this blog goes forward, in case you start to wonder, people and organizations will not be cited by their proper names. Some of them could be harrassed or threatened or worse if their identities were publicized.

Today we meet at LAX for the flight to Mumbai, which, oddly, lays over in New Jersey. Weird. TRENTON, NJ: GATEWAY TO THE ORIENT! You know, one C. Columbus was searching for black pepper from India when he bumped into this here continent. Kinda makes you wonder what he'd make of New Jersey.


Bob Massey is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles. He is traveling to India with a team from Ecclesia Hollywood.