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Continuing the Abortion Conversation


This is the sequel to the original The Abortion Conversation which I posted on my blog before the recent presidential election which sparked some good and intense dialogue.

A commenter wrote:

Eugene said:
"However, I just do not believe we can legislate it. Without going into all the details, the layers over abortion are so complex that even after extensive research, I can't understand how a country like the United States can enforce abortion and pay for the enforcement -- if it were to be turned illegal."

Instead of "abortion", replace it with any other crime; like murder, rape, slavery, theft. How does it read then? Is cost any reason not to criminalize an act where another person is harmed? Obviously, we still have murders and other crimes even though it's illegal, but that doesn't mean we should allow it.

And another commenter with the following thoughts:

Why does Pastor Cho want to suspend the fight of faith and turn one of the roles of the church (loving people) over to the government? (The government committed to maximize death.) Why does he evaluate moral judgments on the basis of fiscal convenience and not on the Bible? If abortion is wrong, then it remains wrong, no matter the cost