Congressman John Lewis Tells the Story of the March from Selma to Montgomery (VIDEO)

By Sandi Villarreal 3-05-2013
Sandi Villarreal / Sojourners for the Faith and Politics Institute
Congressman John Lewis speaks on the road to Birmingham. Sandi Villarreal / Sojourners

This past weekend, The Faith and Politics Institute led a three-day Congressional trip to visit Civil Rights landmarks across Alabama — from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham to Montgomery to Selma. It was an incredibly moving, emotionally exhausting, soul-quenching pilgrimage as we journeyed along with heroes of the Civil Rights movement and experienced their stories. 

One such hero is Congressman John Lewis. A highlight of the trip for me is recorded below. Our journey began in Tuscaloosa, Ala., at the University of Alabama, site of the infamous Stand in the Schoolhouse Door. After hearing passionate speeches from Dr. Sharon Malone — sister of Vivian Malone, who was one of the first African-American students enrolled at the university — and Peggy Wallace Kennedy — daughter of Gov. George Wallace — we boarded the buses for Birmingham and Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. 

Luckily, Congressman John Lewis boarded my bus, and this living testament to nonviolent activism told us his story. 

(Apologies for the shaky videography — we were going 65 through Alabama at the time ...)

Sandi Villarreal is Web Editor and Director of Online Media for Sojourners. Follow her on Twitter @Sandi.

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