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CNN, Jesus and Justin Bieber

800px-Justin_Bieber_Hallenstadion_Zurich_SwitzerlandI must admit, I was skeptical.

Justin Bieber and Jesus -- at least not together -- weren't exactly on my radar.

Okay, so Justin Bieber wasn't on my radar at all. But, when CNN picks it up, you know it's news.

That's why you need to read Eric Marrapodi's piece over at the CNN Belief Blog about our webitrix Cathleen Falsani's new book, BELIEBER!: Fame, Faith and the Heart of Justin Bieber.

Confession: I'm 100 pages into the book and I love it. I've never been a Bieber listener but I have entered a whole new world of respect for the guy. He is 17 years old and is probably reaching more people with his faith than any other 17 year old in the history of the world.

Seriously. Read the book if you don't belieb me.

We have had a few decades in this country where the primary face of Christianity has been well

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