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The Clickbait Bible: New Testament

Tablet Bible. Image courtesy Alberto Masnovo/
Tablet Bible. Image courtesy Alberto Masnovo/

Author's Note: This is what happens when you mix smarts with irreverence. As you can imagine, I was a Sunday School teacher’s dream. Get ready for a sword drill, people!

The Gospel of Matthew: The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Gospel of Mark: The Good News About Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God

The Gospel of Luke: The Greatest Story Ever Told with Bonus Genealogy

The Gospel of John: The Greatest Story Ever Told In The Greatest Prose Ever Written

The Gospel of John Bonus: The Disciple Jesus Loved: A Moment of (Spirit and) Truth

The Gospel of John Bonus Bonus: Woman Claims Man Told Her Everything She Ever Did. Is He the Messiah?

Acts: The Holy Spirit Came And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Romans: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sin ( and Justification) But Were Too Afraid to Ask

1 Corinthians: Sex and Sin: Everything Is Permissible (But Is It Beneficial?)

2 Corinthians: The Original Jars of Clay

Galatians: Pastor Mystified As To Why His Church is Obsessed With Their Foreskins

Ephesians: Can You Find All the Run-on Sentences in this Classic Book?

Philippians: How To Build Your Endurance Using This Neat Old Trick

Colossians: You’ll Never Believe What God Looks Like

1 Thessalonians:  Five Reasons You Should Get a Job

2 Thessalonians: Outspoken Pastor Tells a Bunch of Freeloaders to Get Jobs

1 Timothy: Someone Let This Kid Run a Church!

1 Timothy Bonus: Should Women Really Teach Men?

2 Timothy: Remember When Someone Let This Kid Run a Church?

Titus: The Awful Truth About Cretans

Philemon: Pastor to Congregant: Here You Can Have Your Slave Back.

Hebrews: Milk vs Meat: Which One Is Better For You?

James: An Expert’s Guide On Dealing With Suffering By Jesus’ Brother

1 Peter: New People Group Discovered in the Middle East

2 Peter: How Well Can You Spot a False Teacher?

1 John: For Reals Guys, I Knew Jesus: A Tell-All

2 John: Was Jesus Real? The Answer Will Shock You

3 John: The Truth About Diotrephes

Jude: Jesus’ Brother Writes About Judgment. Is That What Jesus Would Do?

Revelation: Which Horseman of the Apocalypse Are You? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

Juliet Vedral is press secretary for Sojourners. This post originally appeared at The Wheelhouse Review.

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