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Christians Strip on Court Steps to Protest Detention of Asylum Seekers

A group of Christians protesting detention for asylum-seeking children stripped off their clothes on the steps of the magistrate's court in Perth, Australia on Wednesday.

The group, Love Makes a Way, had just pleaded guilty to trespassing in Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's electorate office in December, where they had staged an eight-hour peaceful sit-in and several members were reportedly strip-searched.  

From the court steps, National Director of Common Grace and Sojourners contributor Jarrod McKenna quoted from the book of Matthew before he and others in the group began stripping off their garments — this time, willingly. The Guardian reports:

“We want to send a clear message that we will continue to be obedient to Jesus until these refugees are recognised as people and their rights observed,” he said.

“So while we’ve turned the other cheek, we will now give our outer-garments as well.

“Those who thought that strip searches would be enough to stop us; well, we serve with Jesus, who was strip-searched before he went to the cross.”

The protestors then donned sandwich boards reading "Refugees Are People" before committing to walk again to Julie Bishop's office to request, according to McKenna, "an end to policies that do not recognize the the dignity of the humanity of those in detention."

WATCH the demonstration below and read more here

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