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Another Sign of the End


The conversation we have on God's Politics can be very intense.

The work of loving mercy, seeking justice, and walking humbly can be pretty merciless, ruthless, and humiliating. The recent financial meltdown has only increased the national and global anxiety.

And it's not just anxiety, as Jim shared in an earlier post; people are afraid and angry. I'm especially angry when I read reports of how we got into this mess and even more so, how numerous companies - who are receiving billions of dollars with the taxpayers' money in this historical bailout - continue to spend lavishly for executive compensation, glitzy hotels, and nice massages.

Oh, the madness! Oh, the madness!

So, today, I just want to share a video with you to make you laugh. Why? Because every now and then, we just need to laugh. At me, you, at all of us.

I'm no economic guru, but had we seen this video from a Bank of America conference when it was released two years ago, we should have all known that the financial crisis was right around the corner. End times. Though this is really more painful than funny. They should lock up those AIG execs with their eyeballs pried open Clockwork-Orange-style and make them watch this for 48 hours straight on their next "retreat." Or would that constitute torture ... ?

Enjoy. And if you end up watching this ... wait ... wait ... for the standing ovation.

Eugene ChoEugene Cho, a second-generation Korean-American, is the founder and lead pastor of Quest Church in Seattle and the executive director of Q Cafe, an innovative nonprofit neighborhood café and music venue. He and his wife are also launching a grassroots humanitarian organization to fight global poverty. You can stalk him at his blog, [Ed. note: Look for his photo on the forthcoming November issue of Sojourners magazine.]