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Anabaptist Prête à Porter

Amish farmhouse, clothes. Image via
Amish farmhouse, clothes. Image via

They were pedaling the latest fashions before you even knew they even existed. They wear anything with a sense of effortless cool. They… still ride horse and carts.

Wait, what?

I thought you were talking about hipsters, with their V-necks, suspenders and infatuation with plaid?


I was of course, referring to those icons of style, the Amish.

It’s a strange day when our fashion tips are coming from the Amish and our cultural icons are practicing evangelicals. But today is that day. In their roundup of the day’s news, the Religion News Service noted the growing interest in the fashion sense of these famous practitioners of simple living.

They also ponder whether young Christian celebrities are making Christianity cool? I’ll leave it up to you to decide on that one. Right now, I’m off to Ohio to try and pick up some fashion tips…

The RNS roundup also includes a great video that would make anyone want to start practicing meditation…enjoy!



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