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Alabama Immigration News Roundup

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Alabama Workers Skip Work to Protest Immigration Laws

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Hey Alabama, Take A Hint From California

While Alabama and other states are putting barriers to the education of immigrant children, California celebrates Latino Heritage Month by passing the California Dream Act, which will ensure that all deserving students get the opportunity to pursue higher education and be productive members of society. Alabama's recent court ruling to uphold significant portions of Alabama's immigration law seems shamelessly un-American.

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LOS ANGELES TIMES: Alabama's immigration law prompts alarm

Alabama's estimated 130,000 illegal immigrants are worried. They are confused. And in some cases, they have disappeared. They have disappeared from classrooms and from tomato fields.

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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: U.S. Seeks to Block Alabama Immigration Law

The federal government asked an appeals court Friday to halt the Alabama immigration law, saying it could have dire diplomatic consequences abroad, invites discrimination and forces illegal immigrants into neighboring states.

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THE WAHSINGTON POST: Alabama immigration law sends Hispanic families fleeing

The tough new state measure, largely upheld a federal district judge, seeks to drive illegal immigrants from the state by curtailing many of their rights. In this Hispanic community on the state's Gulf Coast, the effects are evident.

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AL.COM: Commenters have little sympathy for illegals who fear separation from kids due to immigration law

A story by the Associated Press published today reports illegal immigrants living in Alabama have been reaching out to family members, co-workers and in some cases virtual strangers to make arrangements for the care of their children should they be arrested or deported based on the state's new immigration law.

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AL.COM: Immigrants fearing deportation make plans for kids

Terrified by Alabama's strict new immigration crackdown, parents living in the state illegally say they are doing something that was unthinkable just days ago - asking friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances to take their children if they're arrested or deported.

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POLITICO: Alabama illegal immigrants make emergency plans for kids

Illegal immigrants in Alabama are signing documents allowing others to care for their children if the parents are arrested or deported, The Associated Press reports. Many parents are responding to the state's tough new immigration law by seeking legal power of attorney papers so friends and other acquaintances can care for their children if they are kicked out of the country.

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ACLU: Crisis in Alabama: Immigration Law Causes Chaos

Alabama has been in a state of utter chaos following a federal judge's Sept. 28 ruling upholding some of the worst provisions of H.B. 56, the state's draconian anti-immigrant law. ACLU staffers on the ground report that masses of families are fleeing the state in fear. The ACLU and ACLU of Alabama, along with a coalition of civil rights groups, are working to protect the rights of all Alabamians by ensuring that the community has accurate information about the law.

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FOX NEWS: Justice Department Asks Appeals Court to Block Alabama's Immigration Law

The Obama administration asked an appeals court on Friday to block the enforcement of Alabama's strict immigration law -- widely considered to be the toughest in the nation -- arguing it invites discrimination against foreign-born citizens and legal immigrants and is at odds with federal policy.

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