The Afternoon News: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 | Sojourners

The Afternoon News: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011


NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER: Justice Groups Start Work On 'Common Good' Platform For 2012 Election
With the first votes of the presidential primary season set for Jan. 3 at the Iowa caucuses, Catholic social justice organizations are asking local communities to help draft platforms rooted in church teaching that they hope will enter the discussion on the campaign trail next fall.
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THE ATLANTIC: The 5 Biggest Failures Of The 112th Congress
The deficit supercommittee's failure last week was just the latest in the string of failures that have come to define this Congress, epitomizing the partisan rancor that, the seasoned pundits agree, has been unprecedented.
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THE ATLANTIC: An AIDS-Free Generation
In a speech on Tuesday at the National Institutes of Health, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  called for countries to work together to establish "an AIDS-free generation," meaning virtually no children are born HIV positive, they would have a far lower risk of HIV infection when they become teenagers than they do at present, and where people who become infected with HIV are prevented from developing AIDS and from spreading the virus.
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THE WASHINGTON POST: At Occupy LA Eviction, Police Restrict Media Coverage
Los Angeles Police often create limited media pools for high-profile events, such as the Michael Jackson trial. But does the same kind of pool make sense for a police raid on Occupy?
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FOX NEWS: Thousands Of Immigrant Kids Ask Obama To Stop Deportations
Most kids at this time of year get ready to write letters to Santa Claus, but many children of undocumented immigrants now prefer to write President Barack Obama begging him to stop the deportations that are breaking up their families.
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Evangelism And Environmentalism: A Time To Act (OPINION)
I face a question and a challenge as I grope my way into activism. The question: What do I do when the river that swept me into the life of Christ now empties into a toxic swamp? The very word, "evangelical," which once conjured images of joyful Jesus Freaks, conveys political intimidation.
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: When Rehab Is Cut -- You Hurt Too
Gabby Giffords' amazing story and the release of her book and home video have put rehabilitation medicine and its amazing therapists temporarily in the public eye. But I have no doubt it will soon fall back in the shadows of public consciousness.
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