The Afternoon News: Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 | Sojourners

The Afternoon News: Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011


ABC NEWS: GOP Candidates Fight Over Future Of Immigration Reform
While the country’s flailing economy is still shaping up to be the most important issue in next year’s election, the hot-button topic of immigration continues to play a prominent role in the Republican primary. Never has that been more apparent than today.
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POLITICO: The Letter From Evangelical Iowa
Iowa radio host Steve Deace held a focus group with some of the state’s evangelical voters on Monday night. The full show airs later today, but some of the initial analysis warrants attention.
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Evangelical Good News For Romney?
On the day before Thanksgiving, Mitt Romney received some news from the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life for which he must be truly thankful.
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BLOOMBERG: Child Poverty Rises In 96 Of Top 100 School Districts Since 2007
The increase in poverty between 2007 and 2010 was especially pronounced in the nation’s largest school systems, where 96 of the top 100 districts reported growth in the number of poor children, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
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THE GUARDIAN: Joaquin Luna: Undocumented Migrant Whose Lack Of Hope Drove Him To Suicide
Before he died, Joaquin Luna put on his best suit, white shirt and black skinny tie, the same outfit he wore every Sunday without fail to the Pan de Vida church in his home town of Mission, Texas. As his brother put it: "He dressed himself to go to God."
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If in the last few years you got out your checkbook or credit card and donated to help rebuild Haiti, rescue Pakistanis from floods or fund a school in Tanzania, your contribution did not make its way into global aid figures.
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CNN: My Take: Is Tim Tebow Performing Miracles? (OPINION)
In 1966, John Lennon famously claimed that The Beatles were "more popular than Jesus." Today that title may belong to Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback more famous for praising Jesus than for throwing touchdowns.
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