The Afternoon News: Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011 | Sojourners

The Afternoon News: Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011


THE HUFFINGTON POST: Occupy Movement : Winning?
As the police have been dismantling some Occupy encampments around the country and our nation's consciousness of the movement wanes as we move into the holiday season it may seem a little odd to contemplate whether or not the Occupy movement has made gains or perhaps even to suggest that they can claim some victories along the way.
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DAILY KOS: House Votes On Payroll Tax Extension Plan Today
The House will vote today on its plan for extending the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits, and the "doc fix," avoiding a 27 percent cut on reimbursements to physicians who see Medicare patients.
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: What Advent Has In Common With Occupy Wall Street
Advent is a season in the Christian year, a time when people prepare for a deeper celebration of Christmas. Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement, an occasion for people to camp out in public parks in order to draw attention to economic injustice. People celebrate Advent by lighting candles, singing special hymns, and praying. People in OWS hold up placards, give unamplified speeches, and, increasingly, get arrested.
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CNN: Gingrich Has It Wrong About The Poor (OPINION)
My mother and stepfather both held full-time jobs and it wasn't unusual for them to work overtime. Sometimes days would go by when I wouldn't see my stepfather because he was working a double shift on consecutive days.
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SLATE: Occupy The Left
Near the end of the Occupy the Ports march in Long Beach, Calif., when 400-odd protesters were walking around in circles and coming up with chants in front of a work site, there was a beautiful little moment of cognitive dissonance.
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CNN: Panetta Optimistic About Afghanistan
This year "will mark a turning point" in Afghanistan and other regions, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday.
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