The Afternoon News: Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 | Sojourners

The Afternoon News: Monday, Nov. 28, 2011


MOTHER JONES: Attack On The Middle Class!!
The remarkable thing about the American middle class is that we still have one, given the job losses, housing bust, and 401(k) wipeout of the past three years—and considering that for 35 years, politicians (and the bankers who own them) have been hammering away at middle-class institutions.
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THINK PROGRESS: Union Leader Declined To Endorse Romney Because He ‘Represents The One Percent’
In a sign of the growing impact the 99 Percent Movement is having, New Hampshire Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid explained today on Fox News that his paper endorsed Newt Gingrich rather than Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential nomination because the latter represents the one percent and is politically damaged because of it.
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THE ATLANTIC WIRE: And Now It's Time For The Occupy Obituaries
As police slowly converge on the Occupy camps in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, The New Yorker published what can only be described as a 6,000-word punctuation mark on the outdoor phase movement.
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CNN (BELIEF BLOG): Pastor Fights HIV Stigma In Southern Town
The fan by the window pushed humid air uselessly against the church pews. Diana Martinez made small talk as Tommy Terry shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The man sitting next to Martinez cracked a joke. Nobody laughed.
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THE WASHINGTON POST: Do Protestants Need Some Holy Humor?
It’s not just a Catholic problem. The Rev. Martin Marty, the distinguished Protestant theologian, author of many books and over 5,000 scholarly articles, told me that certain aspects of the Protestant tradition have always struck him as “grim.” In a recent interview Marty said, “Hilaritas is not characteristic of the Protestant ethos.”
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CNN: A Preaching 'Genius' Faces His Toughest Convert
Craddock never became a televangelist, built a megachurch or preached to an adoring crowd in a packed stadium. He is a diminutive, bespectacled man whose voice is so soft that he once compared it to "wind whistling through a splinter on the post."
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: GOP Foreign Policy: Neoconservatives Looking For A Comeback In 2012
Their ideology has been declared dead, done in by two wars that have sapped the country of blood and treasure and sent its economy and international reputation plummeting.
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