The Afternoon News: Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 | Sojourners

The Afternoon News: Friday, Nov. 18, 2011


CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS: Top 10 Reasons Alabama’s New Immigration Law Is A Disaster For The State’s Economy
Alabama’s new immigration law, H.B. 56, will destroy the state’s economy. Its “show your papers” provisions are causing both lawful and undocumented workers to flee the state, crippling businesses. An economist at the University of Alabama estimates that the state economy would lose $40 million if only 10,000 undocumented immigrants stopped working in the state.
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Undocumented Immigrants Facing Deportation: Caught Up In Confusion, Lost Records, Inconsistent Policy Enforcement, And Difficult Choices
The worst shock of Maria Navarro's life came, fittingly, on Halloween. Weeks later, she still is afraid, asking that her real name not be used, recounting her story over the phone and hiding out with her three U.S.-born children at the home of relatives.
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HOUSE BUDGET COMMITTEE: A Deeper Look At Income Inequality
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently released a study on changes in the distribution of household income in America from 1979 to 2007. This study has added fuel to an intensifying debate in Washington and across America over income inequality – what causes it, how do government policies affect it, and what should policymakers do about it?
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POLITICO: Why The Debt Panel Is In Trouble
Democratic and Republican leaders have begun to spread word among colleagues that they believe the supercommittee will fall short of its goal to find $1.2 trillion in cuts, increasing the likelihood that the 2012 elections may be the only way to resolve the deepening partisan divisions that have prevented Congress time and time again from getting a handle on its finances.
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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: How Congress Occupied Wall Street (OPINION – Sarah Palin)
The corruption isn't confined to one political party or just a few bad apples. It's an endemic problem encompassing leadership on both sides of the aisle. It's an entire system of public servants feathering their own nests.
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THE ATLANTIC WIRE: 68 Percent Of The Sons Of The 1 Percent Work At Their Dad's Company
Nepotism and wealth go together according to a study published in the Journal of Labor Economics. The researchers found that 68 percent of the sons of top-percentile income earners have at some point by the time they're age 33 taken a job at a firm their father also worked. That's significantly higher than the 55 percent rate for the sons of the second-highest percentile of earners and the 40 percent average for all income levels.
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REUTERS: More Than 1 In 5 U.S. Children Poor, Census Says
The number of children in the United States considered poor rose by 1 million in 2010, the U.S. Census said on Thursday, with more than one in five of the youngest Americans now living in poverty.
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