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The Afternoon News


THE GUARDIAN (UK): US Foreign Aid And The 2012 Budget: Where Will The Axe Fall?

American foreign aid is once again on the chopping block this week, with the Senate set to debate further spending cuts for global health programmes, humanitarian assistance, and US contributions to the World Bank, UN agencies, and other international organisations.

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DAILY KOS: ABC/Washington Post Poll: Most Republicans Still Want Somebody Other Than Mitt Romney

So Mitt Romney's still in the lead, but for a guy who supposedly has a mortal lock on the GOP nomination, he's hardly in a commanding position. To see what I mean, take a look at how Mitt Romney is doing relative to the total support of his named opponents and those who are still sitting on the fence.

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CNN: A Year From Election, How Does Obama Measure Up? (Opinion)

Is President Barack Obama running against the GOP or the GDP? In exactly one year -- November 6, 2012 -- we'll be lining up at polling places to cast our votes for the next president. How much of that decision will be determined by economic data and poll numbers?

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THE WASHINGTON POST (ON FAITH): A Thanksgiving Week Discussion Of Faith With The GOP Presidential Field

We're well into the presidential primary election debate season and I suspect that the candidates are as frustrated as those of us in the viewing audience, with "gotcha" questions, testy squabbles, and your-national-defense-strategy-in-30-seconds-please time limits. Those of us in the social conservative realm have noticed something else-the virtual absence of intelligent and probing questions on the enduring values of faith, family, and society's responsibilities to its children, both born and preborn. These are the messier and many times controversial issues that derive from the soul and for which sound bites simply won't do.

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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Bill Clinton Defends Rick Perry On In-State Tuition For Undocumented Immigrants

Former President Bill Clinton defended Texas Gov. Rick Perry on his signature of a bill allowing Texas undocumented residents to obtain in-state tuition rates, for which his Republican presidential rivals have criticized him.

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THINK PROGRESS: Poll: 62 Percent Say Iraq War Wasn't Worth Fighting

Seventy-eight percent of Americans support President Obama's order to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of the year, according to a Washington-Post ABC News poll.

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THE WASHINGTON POST: Wall Street's Resurgent Prosperity Frustrates Its Claims, And Obama's

President Obama has called people who work on Wall Street "fat-cat bankers," and his reelection campaign has sought to harness public frustration with Wall Street. Financial executives retort that the president's pursuit of financial regulations is punitive and that new rules may be "holding us back." But both sides face an inconvenient fact: During Obama's tenure, Wall Street has roared back, even as the broader economy has struggled.

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