Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: May 3, 2012 | Sojourners

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: May 3, 2012

Aziz Ansari’s look-alike fools Anderson Cooper on his show Anderson. Then Ansari brings out a Cooper look-alike. See all the antics at Laughing Squid.

A hungry lion tries to eat a baby through a glass wall. [Yahoo News]

Virgin airlines’ head Richard Branson introduces a new feature in airline food – ice cubes in the shape of his face. [Death and Taxes]

Tea-tanic is a new loose leaf tea container that looks like the cruiseship. [Freshome]

In a show in New Jersey last night, The Boss pays yet another tribute to The Band’s Levon Helm. And – as you’ll see – it’s a real crowd pleaser. [Huffington Post]

In Ayn Randers, a fictional Rand gives advice on parenting, relationships, and philosophy. [McSweeny’s]

Joshua Witchger is an online assistant at Sojourners.

** In the photo above, the real Anderson Cooper is on the far left and the real Aziz Ansari is second from the right. BAM!