Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: April 23, 2012 | Sojourners

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: April 23, 2012

Look out David Attenborough, there’s a fleet of adorable children after your job as narrator of the BBC’s Planet Earth. Take a listen to their narration, sound effects, and attempts to pronounce David’s last name. [Bing Boing]  


An 18 story building at MIT is hacked and transformed into a giant playable game of Tetris. [BostInno]

And in more hacking entertainment, see 5th Avenue Frogger, a rendering of the classic arcade game in sync with real time New York traffic. [BetaBeat]  

This weekend, Record Store Day swept the nation with hot deals and exclusive releases at independent record stores everywhere. Among the featured releases was a 7-inch of Jimmy Fallon performing David Bowie (“Tebowie”) and The Doors (“Reading Rainbow”). See Jimmy as Jim Morrison HERE and learn more about his upcoming record.

The creators of “A Very Potter Musical” are hard at work on a new musical on Gotham’s favorite man in tights, with “Holy Musical, B@man!” [The Daily What]

The new feature film Marley hit theaters on 4/20. Take a look at the trailer HERE and read about the new film in this New York Times article which also features a little on a Jamaican recording studio janitor who lived with Marley for a short time.

This weekend at Coachella, musicians pay tribute to The Band’s drummer Levon Helm, who passed away from cancer late last week at age 71. Watch The Black Keys and Credence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty play The Band’s classic anthem “The Weight” HERE and Bon Iver covering “Ophelia” HERE.

Bill Nye breaks it down with "The Science Guys." Watch the PBS icon bust a move to his own theme song (Nye enters around 0:50). [via Videogum]

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