Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: April 17, 2012 | Sojourners

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: April 17, 2012


On tax day, take a peek at this INFOGRAPHIC of last year’s tax data that shows what Americans are earning and paying. [GOOD]

Some of the weirdest tax deductions explained, along with several filed deductions that were rejected. [Neatorama]

Now that you’ve filed your tax returns, get something free from businesses like Seattle’s Best Coffee, Chili’s, and many more. [Huffington Post]

Nine tax deductions superheroes might find helpful. [McSweeny’s]

Sixty years ago John Cage made history by composing a four-and-a -half minute orchestration with no instruments, forcing the audience to hear the ambient noise in the auditorium. Now, the internet presents the same thing with glory-boy Nicolas Cage performing four-and-a-half minutes of silence. [BuzzFeed]

Life can be tough if you have a popular last name. Just ask Michael Jordan … [Tastefully Offensive]

The Pulitzer Prize winners have been announced. Read about the awards (and why no fiction books won). [The Daily Beast]  

Get excited for Disney’s Chimpanzees which releases on Earth Day, April 22. And see director Jane Goodall talk with Jon Stweart here.