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Afghanistan Weekly Digest: John Kerry. House Withdrawal Legislation. Poppy Fields.

[Editors' note: As part of Sojourners' campaign to end the war in Afghanistan, we will run a weekly Afghanistan news digest to educate our readers about the latest news and developments related to the war, the U.S. military's strategy, and the people impacted by our decisions. Read more about our campaign at]

  • Afghanistan May Be Open to New Path, Kerry Says: "Osama bin Laden's death will allow 'a new phase' in the United States' relationship with Afghanistan, one that could include reductions in troops and spending, Senator John Kerry said while visiting here on Sunday."
  • David Cameron hints at an early withdrawal of British troops: "Last week, the Daily Telegraph revealed that David Cameron has ordered British commanders to draw up plans to start pulling hundreds of British troops out of Afghanistan within weeks, triggering a row with military chiefs who do not approve of the Prime Minister's new strategy."
  • U.S. speeds up direct talks with Taliban: "The administration has accelerated direct talks with the Taliban, initiated several months ago, that U.S. officials say they hope will enable President Obama to report progress toward a settlement of the Afghanistan war when he announces troop withdrawals in July."
  • Lawmakers to President Obama: Get Out of Afghanistan: "With the corpse of Public Enemy No. 1 now submerged on the floor of the Arabian Sea, a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced new legislation in the House of Representatives today to require the Obama administration to present an exit strategy for all U.S. forces from Afghanistan."

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