Weekly Roundup: Dear Departed, Poverty Persists, And Surviving The Deep Freeze

As much of the country is emerging from this week's polar vortex, thaw out with our Weekly Roundup:

So yeah, this week was COLD. Here at U.S. Catholic, our brave editorial team survived massive train delays and temperatures as low as -17 (or -38 with the wind chill) to make it to the office. Thankfully, Catholic social service agencies around the country were weathering the storm, working hard to meet the needs of people suffering from the cold weather...

The bishops didn't just stop there--they also asked the Senate this week to address the fact that the current federal minimum wage is far from a just wage. According to a press release, the bishops argue that the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 fails “to provide sufficient resources for individuals to form and support families,” and does not meet the standards of a just wage as defined by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Over at Sojourners, Anna Hall dispels five common myths about raising minimum wage. And the city of Chicago is apparently listening, as there is reportedly some talk of raising minimum wage in the city to $15, reports Crain's Chicago Business.