Statement from Jim Wallis in Response to Violence in Iraq

In light of the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis that is developing in Iraq,  Jim Wallis, President and Founder of Sojourners, released the following statement:

"Our hearts have grown heavy as we have watched events unfold in Iraq over the last weeks and months. As a follower of the Prince of Peace, my prayers are with all those devastated by violence and persecution. Watching historic Christian communities – places where faith has been nurtured from the earliest of times – and other religious minority groups decimated by inexcusable terror is a sad reminder that sin and evil continue to fracture our hurting world. Such suffering and atrocity demand condemnation and lament. We join with those all across the globe in expressing concern for the safety of our brothers and sisters and hoping for a sustainable cessation of violence, the development of stable governance, and protection of human rights within the country.

Regrettably, this ongoing crisis is the result of failed military strategies from the previous decade. American and international churches warned the United States and its allies that the likely outcome of war in Iraq would be increased terrorism and violence. Ultimately, there is no U.S. military solution that can solve Iraq’s long-term conflicts or address challenges roiling that nation. The path to stability and lasting peace involves the hard work of building a strong civil society, re-affirming robust and inclusive democratic institutions, protecting the human rights of everyone, and promoting fair and peaceful processes for resolving disputes.

In this horrible and complicated crisis, may we learn how to be the peacemakers that Jesus says are the children of God."