June 8, 2017
For Immediate Release:                                                        

Contact: Michael Mershon, mmershon@sojo.net

Watching the Comey hearing — called by some the most important hearing "in a generation" — I was reminded that theologically, the issue is truth. We must keep asking the question of who is — and who is not — telling the truth.

Comey was put under oath to tell the truth, "so help me God." It's time to put Donald Trump under that same oath. During the hearing, Comey said he was concerned about Trump's "defaming" of him (and more importantly of the FBI), were "lies, plain and simple." Again, truth is the issue here.

Comey's extensive notes were done because he felt he was dealing with a president who would not tell the truth. Why did the president kick everybody else out of the Oval Office and want to talk with Comey alone about the Flynn investigation?

Comey said he wrote memos of his conversations with Trump because he was concerned that the president might lie.

God commands us to not bear false witness against one another. We must demand no less from our leaders. The soul of the nation is at stake.