WASHINGTON, DC—Yesterday, President Donald Trump suggested the need to delay of the 2020 presidential elections. The leadership at Sojourners understand this statement to be a direct threat to the state of democracy in our nation. Historically, elections have proceeded in the midst of national crises, including the Civil War and the 1918 Spanish Influenza.  Fortunately, an independent decision to change the date of the election is beyond the president’s power and would need congressional approval. Thus any attempt by the president to single-handedly change the election date would be illegal and immoral. "This is an extremely disgraceful statement to make, especially on the day Congressman John Lewis is laid to rest," said Rev. Terrance McKinley. "If our democracy is to survive this moment, every person of faith and conscience must lift their voices and take a stand against Trump's dangerous election rhetoric, policies and practices in this existential struggle for what is right." "Oppressing and intimidating certain communities and populations of people is immoral. Engineering and abusing systems like redistricting for political purposes is immoral," said Rev. Adam Taylor"We have witnessed these covert efforts to determine outcomes in the past. Trump's language supports the stifling of American voices at the ballot box." "The best way to carry on Congressman John Lewis's legacy is to fight for and secure the sacred and constitutional right to vote," said Rev. Jim Wallis. "It was his vocation, his life’s mission, and his calling. For that, as people of faith, we must soundly reject President Trump's dangerous statement and work tirelessly to secure and bolster the right to vote across our nation."