June 22, 2023

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Sojourners Opposes H. Res. 461 Condemning the Use of Elementary and Secondary School Facilities to Provide Shelter for Undocumented Immigrants


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In response to H. Res. 461, Sojourners released the following statement:

Sojourners opposes H. Res. 461. House Republicans are using harmful rhetoric under H. Res. 461 by condemning the common practice of using elementary and secondary school facilities to provide shelter for undocumented migrants and exacerbating the plight of migrants. House Republicans tout a concern for local safety, but in reality they are inciting fear by dehumanizing and blaming immigrant children for seeking safety. Instead of meddling in local affairs, House Republicans could propose solutions that truly create safety for school-aged children like limiting access to assault weapons and reducing gun violence.

Beyond this, House Republicans could address the growing asylum backlog by advancing ways to expedite the processing of immigrant children’s applications and ensure all children can access the safest and most adequate environments promptly.

"The right to a safe space for God’s children includes immigrants whose journey to the United States has already presented many challenges and trauma. God calls us to extend compassion to everyone who requires it, particularly children. We pray that our representatives in Congress speak with compassionate truth and not use vulnerable people groups like immigrants to create more division and fear in our communities,” said Rev. Adam Russell Taylor, President of Sojourners.