November 19, 2021

Contact: Jessica Felix Romero 

Sojourners Applauds House Vote on Build Back Better

Statement from Sojourners President Adam Taylor

WASHINGTON, DC – Sojourners applauds the House passage of the Build Back Better Act this morning. This bill includes historic investments that will ensure the most needy and vulnerable receive the care and support they deserve. As people of faith, we now call on the Senate to prioritize passing this historic legislation and retain or strengthen provisions that benefit our families and communities.

Sojourners President Rev. Adam Taylor:

As President of Sojourners—a faith-based advocacy organization that represents and mobilizes thousands of Christian leaders and believers across our country and an award-winning publication dedicated to issues of social justice that span faith, politics, and culture—I want to thank and congratulate the House of Representatives for passing the Build Back Better Act (H.R. 5376) and now strongly urge all members of the Senate to promptly pass this Act.

The House version includes pro-family, anti-poverty provisions such as expansion of the Child Tax Credit for another year and makes the full refundability of the credit permanent. The bill also would also increase access to affordable housing; make overdue improvements in maternal, newborn, and child health; address the ongoing climate crisis; and provide help to millions of essential workers, immigrants, and TPS holders—all while creating jobs, lowering costs for millions, and making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

The passage in the House demonstrates the best of our civic and religious values because this bill helps our nation prioritize the needs of the historically under-served and under-resourced in our country. The historic investments included in the Build Back Better Act will positively impact millions of Americans in rural, urban, and suburban communities, especially in areas that have struggled with the pandemic that has ravaged our nation. As our nation faces the imperative to build a more just and inclusive new normal that embraces the Christian call to love thy neighbor as thyself, I’m grateful that a majority of the House stood up for the common good.

Sojourners calls on the Senate to act in good conscience and vote in favor of this historic piece of anti-poverty, pro-family legislation. Now is the time to move this country toward being a more perfect union by making long overdue investments that will address problems that have plagued the United States for generations.


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