October 8, 2020, WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Election Day approaches, Sojourners and Values Partnerships launched Faith on the Ballot, a weekly sermon series every Saturday evening in October, featuring prominent voices at the intersection of faith and justice.

The series will focus on the fact that racism is and must be named as a core religious issue in this electoral season and that our commitment to a multi-racial democracy is literally on the ballot. And because of biblical and gospel commitments and how they apply to these fundamental moral choices, faith is on the ballot.

On the launch night Rev. Jim Wallis, Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, and Rev. Dr. Walter Kim shared their thoughts about racism as the central religious issue in this election season. Future weeks will focus on other critical faith issues that intersect with racism in America.

You can see past weeks’ sermons and new sermons every week on Saturdays at 6pm ET on the website: www.faithontheballot.com  

For interviews or media inquiries, please contact Jim Simpson at jsimpson@sojo.net