So Much To Say

At the risk of fawning... The Beat enjoys interviewing Carrie Nwcomer. She's generous with her time, polite and engaging, and always has interesting things to say.
Too many of them.
We struggle when writing the eventual feature story because of the wealth of interesting/cool/funny/pertinent things Newcomer reveals in interviews. (She's not alone in this. There have been a handful of artists with whom we've spoken over the years that affect us this way.)
For example, our feature story didn't have room to discuss her world travels, organized through agencies that focus on community service and social justice issues - issues that are and have been close to her heart. Most recently, she's become affiliated with the Interfaith Hunger Initiative. She's toured the Middle east with a couploe different groups that focus on the arts and nonviolent conflict resolution. She has shared the stage with Sojourners' founder Jim Wallis.