On behalf of Sojourners and my family, I want to express our condolences to the Graham family and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Billy Graham has been an important figure in my life and vocation. Ever since meeting him in the early days of Sojourners’ ministry, I found him to be not only gracious and warm, but also a bridge-builder and encourager. I am exceedingly grateful for Billy Graham’s outreach to me as young evangelical starting a faith- inspired social justice movement and his steady support of Sojourners’ work for peace and justice throughout the years.

Billy Graham once told me that he believed his mission for preaching the gospel of salvation and Sojourners mission of teaching the social implications of that personal salvation were “complementary.”

His integrity, consistency, willingness to learn, change, admit mistakes and go forward, and his willingness to take stands on public issues like racially integrating his crusades in the South, and speaking out against nuclear weapons, is an example for all faith leaders to follow. May Billy rest in peace as we all continue to reach out to the world and humanity for which he cared so deeply.