Obama Delays Deportation Fix To Give GOP Time On Immigration

There was an expectation of July fireworks on the immigration issue in the form of presidential action to ease deportations of immigrants. But the president decided to give the GOP another couple of months to pass immigration reform, a move that further split immigration advocates.

In a statement late Tuesday, the White House said President Barack Obama had asked Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to put off releasing results of a review of immigration policies that Johnson had undertaken at the president’s direction…

A few hours before the White House announcement, several advocacy groups issued a joint statement asking Obama to hold off on executive action and urging Boehner to take action. “We believe the president should move cautiously and give the House leadership all of the space they may need to bring legislation to the floor for a vote,” said the joint statement. The groups that issued it were: National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, National Immigration Forum, Service Employees International Union, Sojourners, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration.