NY's Human Stake: Immigration Reform & State Of The Union

NEW YORK – More than 600,000 undocumented New Yorkers and their supporters have a human stake in tonight's State of the Union address and what President Barack Obama says about immigration reform. After getting only part way to his goal in 2013, some wonder whether Obama will renew his call for comprehensive reform. But there is no doubt about it, according to Jim Wallis, founder of the faith in action group Sojourners. "I think he will raise this tonight,” Wallis says. “It's a high priority for the president, and I think it's a social movement now. “Doing something right, doing something for the common good and doing it together – I think that's very possible now." Wallis says he expects the faith community in New York and the nation to play an even greater role this year, and he believes a comprehensive immigration reform plan will be passed in the next six months.