Sojourners announced today the debut of the Jim Wallis Show a new weekly audio program that will feature thoughtful commentary on the week’s key issues.  The show will feature Sojourners President and Founder Jim Wallis and is available at:

As more and more media outlets proliferate in the digital and social age, there is a lack of substance in the conversations about politics, policy, and their relationship to religions.  The Jim Wallis Show will examine the most pressing issues of our day from a faith-based perspective in order to discover the moral foundations upon which we can build prudent and just responses to the most vexing problems of our day—and genuinely serve the common good.

“Instead of politicizing faith with a religious right or a religious left, how can faith trump politics and help people find the moral center and compass that could challenge partisan politics on all sides?” Wallis said. “Instead of what’s right or left, how do we discern what is right and wrong? And especially, what will protect the most vulnerable people in our society whom our God calls us to defend?”

"The Jim Wallis Show will replace vitriol with values in Jim's weekly podcast commentary, addressing a vast underserved audience who care passionately about our country and our world.  In a harsh and arid media landscape, Jim Wallis will provide a refreshing and positive voice that speaks to how we can find the virtuous, ethical, and equitable path forward," said Paul "Woody" Woodhull, Executive Producer of the Jim Wallis Show and founder and CEO of the District Productive podcast network. 

The first episode features Rev Wallis’ reflections the recent health care debate. 

The show will also be distributed across Sojourners’ and Jim Wallis’ social media platforms and will be available on iTunes, Art19, or other preferred podcast apps.