The Mazeways They Are A'chang'n ("None's") On The Rise)

They are not flying, not singing, not even nuns. They are "nones" meaning no religious affiliation. They signify significant social change but atheist are doing a victory dance all over the net.[1] This has been the case since Oct 9.2012 when Pew Research study ("nones on the rise") was released showing that the "none" group had risen significantly from 15% to almost 20%, including 1/3 of those under 30 in America. The atheist celebration is premature since the chart relased with the study shows the atheist segment is hardly growing at all. It's still below 5%.[2]...

The new version of faith may seem very different and valuable things may pass away. New forms will come into being that speak to the hearts of the new generation. I doubt seriously that they will remain unchruched. They may not be looking for a chruch. The sad part is one article in Sojourners suggested that they were burned out by the culture wars.[5] This may be the unchurched generation, because they sick of the culture wars. The messages boards have done their part in burning people out. In that sense all they had to do is just show up and they ruin people on the faith, words and arguments and ideas aside they just show up and people are ruined. Now those people just stay away from organized faith.