The season of candidates vying for voters, endorsements, and financial backers in the 2016 presidential race will soon be upon us. This time, as each serious contender announces his or her candidacy, he or she can expect to immediately receive a letter. Signed by 100 theologians, this letter will ask whether the candidate is willing to make ending hunger and poverty a top priority in his or her administration.

“Today, we are beginning an outreach to all the candidates for president. We want each of them, on camera, to explain what they would do to provide help and opportunity to the hungry and poor people in our country and around the world,” said the president of Bread for the World, Rev. David Beckmann.


The idea of sending a letter signed by representatives of the “faith community” has been tried before, “in the last minute,” during the last presidential election, said Rev. Jim Wallis, founder and CEO of Sojourners. “But this time we are ready.”

Last time, there was only time left for the two major political party nominees, President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitch Romney, to make videos.