June 1, 2022

Contact: Jessica Felix Romero | 

Latino Christian National Network and Sojourners jointly lament the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and call for congressional action on gun safety

Washington, DC – Today, the Latino Christian National Network and Sojourners delivered a letter to Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Mitch McConnell lamenting the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, which claimed the lives of 19 children, 2 teachers, and the gunman.
Latino pastors, faith leaders, and allies called for immediate action on gun control that bans assault weapons, mandates universal background checks and passes sensible “red flag” laws to keep guns out of the hands of those with violent histories, including those who have perpetrated domestic violence. 
“After so many of these tragedies, the temptation is to believe that nothing can really be done to keep it from happening again.  Our faith in the God of the resurrection of Jesus Christ reminds us that good is more powerful than evil. We must step out on faith and trust that we do have the capacity for change. The causes of these horrors are complex; gun safety is only one component of all that we need to do to stop these evil acts from continuing to reoccur.  However, the blood of the children cries from the ground that we have to do all that we can.  We have strong evidence that certain kinds of gun control save lives; in the name of the Giver of Life, move it forward.” Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra, Academic Dean, Centro Latino, Fuller Theological Seminary  

“Americans are proud of our country. We are proud of the economic, cultural, and political achievements that we and those who came before us have attained. Something we cannot be proud of is the levels of violence and the widespread and easy access to guns. The effects that violence and guns have in our daily lives are devastating. We cannot accept that thousands of our neighbors continue to die year after year. We mourn them, especially the death of our children. The massacre last week in Uvalde, Texas, should serve as yet another reminder that guns and violence are tearing apart the moral fabric of our nation. The American people are angry and frustrated with the political leaders that don’t have the moral backbone to address this life issue. We demand that the US Congress address these issues before we need to offer “thoughts and prayers'' again. It is time that together, we do what it takes to prevent more unnecessary deaths. Basta ya de más muertes innecesarias! (Enough of these unnecessary deaths.).” Rev. Carlos L. Malavé, President, Latino Christian National Network
"Sandy Hook, Parkland, Robb Elementary School and so many other gun massacres at schools break the heart of God and should break ours as well,” said Reverend Adam Taylor, President, Sojourners. “Words fail me watching 22 families grieve the senseless loss of loved ones. We must all act to generate the political will to stop it. The customary thoughts and prayers that are offered at such times as these are woefully inadequate – they must be accompanied by bold and sustained action.  The idea that there is nothing more we can do to stop this slaughter is an evil lie that Christians must wholly reject. At the very least, Congress must pass universal background checks and ban weapons of war like the AR-15. We cannot let the lack of action on gun safety after past mass shootings numb us into apathy or helplessness. We're called to see the world not as it is but as it ought to be and to work steadfastly to close the gap between the two. In the horrific aftermath of both Buffalo and Uvalde, this commitment is more important than ever.”
Nuestra comunidad no ha descansado desde que mataron a los niños en Uvalde. Nuestros ojos han llorado y hemos clamado al Señor pidiendo misericordia. Sus vidas son preciosas ante los ojos de Dios y ante los nuestros. Hoy venimos como testigos delante de ustedes implorando que no hayan más matanzas que cobren las vidas de niños que asisten a la escuela. Nuestras comunidades están haciendo todo lo que pueden para proteger a los niños. Los niños tienen simulacros en sus escuelas y nosotros les hablamos de cómo cuidarse y manejar su enojo, pero no podemos con todo. Si las armas se encuentran al alcance de las manos de cualquiera, nuestra comunidad corre peligro. Les pido de la manera más atenta que pongan todo su corazón y sus fuerzas al servicio de nuestro pueblo que los elige, que vean nuestro clamor y prohíban el acceso a las armas de guerra. Dios dador de vida es el único que puede darla y el único que puede quitarla. No permitan que más vidas sean arrebatadas a causa de las armas de fuego.” Sandra Ovalle, Directora de Campañas y Movilización, Sojourners 
"As we experience the shooting death of so many innocent lives in Uvalde, TX our hearts are saddened and heavy. We believe that more than prayers or thought needs to be done, we are not against the second amendment or rights to carry arms but we do believe that something needs to be done, because not doing anything is just allowing incidents like this to happen again. Maybe we will not prevent another shooting from happening but we can surely make it a little harder or less likely for these types of weapons to be obtained, and in doing so we can protect lives and save lives. We believe the moment to act is now!” Rev. Efrain Pineda, President of Congreso RED & Senior Pastor of Vida Church, Amarillo, TX
“Leadership is not defined by what we do for corporate America and or international treaties and financial or military gains for Empire building. Leaders spend their capital protecting our most vulnerable. At this time I am ashamed of my Congress and its leaders. Please redeem your characters and act on meaningful gun legislation for our children and our future! Stop being the laughingstock of Europe and the world!” Rev. Dr. Johnny Ramirez-Johnson, Professor of Anthropology, Fuller Theological Seminary