November 18, 2021

Contact: Jessica Felix Romero 

House Vote on Build Back Better is Historic Opportunity to Invest in American Families

Statement from Sojourners President Adam Taylor

WASHINGTON, DC - President Biden’s Build Back Better bill, a historic investment that would benefit the lives of millions of American families, will move to the House floor for a vote tonight. As people of faith, we call for the full passage of this bill. Investing in healthcare, education, creation care, housing, and nutrition are all faith imperatives and civic virtues.

Sojourners President Rev. Adam Taylor:

As President of Sojourners—a faith-based advocacy organization that represents and mobilizes thousands of Christian leaders and believers across our country and an award-winning publication dedicated to issues of social justice that span faith, politics, and culture—I am urging you to vote YES on the Build Back Better Act (H.R. 5376).

This legislation is our chance to help Americans across the country, regardless of who they voted for, what they look like, or where they live. From housing to health care to child care to caring for our Earth, we believe this bill has the potential to bring good news to the people and communities across rural, urban, and suburban America. We know that the investments made in housing, early childhood education and development, and nutrition will provide a solid foundation for parents to raise healthy and successful children. Additionally, the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit, with the included permanent refundability status for low-income families, serves as a historic middle- and lower-class tax cut that will enable people to cover basic household expenses. Millions of people will finally have access to health insurance because of provisions closing the Medicaid coverage gap and our country can take a step forward in addressing the climate crisis through included investments in clean energy.

The Build Back Better Act is the fulfillment of your moral commitment to constituents that you will act in and protect their best interests through your position of governance. Members of Congress have a moral obligation as stewards of governance to help create a society that follows one of the most important commandments—love thy neighbor as thyself. Now is the time to move this country towards being a more perfect union by making long overdue investments that will address problems that have plagued the United States for generations.

This legislation has the chance to improve—and even save—American lives with its historic investments in our social infrastructure sectors that helped keep our country running as the pandemic ravaged our nation. We hope that Members will act in good conscience and vote in favor of this historic piece of anti-poverty, pro-family legislation..


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