Evangelical Immigration Table Documentary, 'The Stranger,' Seeks Reform Of Laws, Churches

A new documentary about immigration, "The Stranger," which will be shown in thousands of churches across the United States beginning Wednesday, seeks to both push lawmakers toward reforming immigration and to make churches a more welcoming place for immigrants.
The film emphasizes the brokenness of the current immigration system by showing how that system has harmed the lives of three immigrant families. It was directed by Emmy-award winning producer Linda Midgett.
In a Thursday interview with The Christian Post, she said her goal for the film was "to put a human face on" immigration, rather than view the issue through the lens of the political process of immigration reform.
"I really wanted to bring to life the face of the people that our policies impact," she said.
Midgett previously worked with Sojourners, an EIT partner, on "The Line," a documentary about poverty in America that followed a similar format, telling the stories of three families affected by poverty.