Christian College Alums Vie For Eric Cantor's Seat

The two candidates challenging for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's seat in November are both alumni of Christian colleges.
Princeton Seminary and Hope College alumna Dave Brat stunned Cantor and many political pundits by beating the top Republican on Tuesday, taking 56 percent of the vote of Virginia's 7th congressional district. This fall, Brat will take on his Randolph-Macon College colleague Jack Trammel, a graduate of Grove City College.

Sojourners President Jim Wallis tweeted on Tuesday night, that "Eric Cantor was not an ally of immigration reform but a likely obstacle. His loss could give Speaker Boehner the chance to finally pass it."

"Immigration reform is now the moral test of Congress. With Eric Cantor now out of the way, it's all up to one man — Speaker John Boehner," he added.