Chile OKs Some Abortions; LGBT Threats Are Global

Amnesty International is applauding Chile's commitment to decriminalize abortion in cases where the pregnancy was the result of rape, the woman's life is in danger and when the fetus is not viable, calling it "a positive step forward to ensure and protect the rights of women and girls in the country." The reforms were announced as part of Chile's adoption of the recommendations made on June 19 as part of the United Nations Universal Periodic Review. Currently all abortions are illegal in Chile and women who have received an abortion can be imprisoned...

Pastors, considering themselves not equipped to respond, often fail to address domestic and sexual violence appropriately, according to a June 19 IMA World Health report. Seventy-five percent of Protestant pastors underestimate the amount of violence occurring in their communities and rarely speak out about the issue, according to a LifeWay survey, but 80 percent said they would take action if they had the resources.