Attendees: They Came, They Saw, They Said...

The 40,000-plus who came to the Religious Education Congress March 14-16 offered comments on a variety of topics — from the workshops they attended to the faith they practice and proclaim. A sampling of their reflections (more online):

Don Carlos, St. Pancratius Church, Lakewood (on Rev. Jim Wallis’ “Revolutionary Hope,” March 14)

“The more I listened to Jim Wallis, the more that word ‘engagement’ is what entered my mind. And all I could think of is that we are a very entertainment-centered culture, and I’m kind of entertainment-centered in many ways myself. But ‘engagement’ — that is the only choice that we can make as Christians. We have to be engaged in the world: ‘I was hungry, and you gave me to eat.’ You didn’t sit there and watch a movie about hunger; you did something about it.

“Jim has really done, you know, wonderful work over the years, and I also met Dorothy Day once. The one thing she wasn’t was cynical; and very much engaged, and engaging.”