6 Times Pastors Went On Late-Night TV

This week, former pastor and author Rob Bell will begin taping his new talk show for The Oprah Winfrey Network, The Rob Bell Show. Bell, who left his Grand Rapids-based church in 2011 to pursue opportunities in Hollywood, has been no stranger to TV lately. in addition to being featured on an Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday talk show special, Bell has also recently been a guest on the TBS late-night comedy talk show, The Pete Holmes Show (the clip is featured below)…

Jim Wallis on The Daily Show

Sojourners founder, author and theologian Jim Wallis has been a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart multiple times since 2005 to discuss the intersections of politics, religion and activism. In this throwback clip from Jon Stewart’s early days on the Comedy Central staple (starting at 12:52 in the video below), the two discuss Wallis’ popular book God’s Politics. The discussion primarily involves the religious implications of the then current political issues, morality and activism. But in a more personal moment, Wallis tells Stewart (who is Jewish), “The Hebrew prophets used humor and truth-telling to make their point. Which I think you do very well. So maybe you’re one of the prophets.”