Embracing Mamas, Embracing Life

Embracing Mamas, Embracing Life is an invitation to uplift the sanctity, struggle and stories of mothers as co-creators with the Divine. Through the lens of Mother Mary, we acknowledge the connectedness mamas have with God through the power of creating and sustaining life. Learn more about the current maternal mortality and morbidity crisis, its disproportionate impact on Black and Brown women, and what you can do about it. We envision a divine future across two generations – babies and their caregivers. Will you join us in Embracing Mamas, Embracing Life? 


This webinar is an invitation to co-create a future for the Marys in our lives by collectively imagining an inn that provides for all their needs. Building our knowledge from our last webinar, we will co-create a bridge that brings us closer to achieving God’s will for mothers. We will spend time asking ourselves, “If Mary came into your inn, what stage in her journey would she be in? What would your inn have to offer and why?” Most excitingly, we will use our time together to create a prayer card for Mary. Since Congress loves thoughts and prayers so much, your prayer cards for Mary will include elements of your “inn” where we will contact our members of Congress raising awareness for the needs of our mamas! We invite you to register and join us on Thursday, April 25th at 6:00pm ET so we can build a safer and thriving future that welcomes Mary into the inn. 

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