The Common Good

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Cover Story

10 myths about global warming, and what the science really says.
The gospel truth about climate change
Whether Christians do right by the environment depends on whether we can see the Earth as a megastore where we can 'shop' for whatever we want -- or as a garden that needs careful tending.


Benedictine women in Wisconsin are practicing new (and ancient) ways to save the earth, starting with the home front.
Peace in Israel/Palestine will, more and more, revolve around struggles to control water, God's unownable gift.
It's time to reform our tax system-- to quit rewarding obscene wealth, Wall Street gambling, and corporate polluters.
Too often we try to make scripture fit our own agenda, rather than the other way around.


The "people's revolutions" in North America and the Middle East raise stark questions about the U.S. role in the region.
WikiLeaks takes away the excuse of ignorance about military abuses abroad.
New software may help the public have a greater voice in the crucial redrawing of voting districts.


The fossil fuel industry is the main impediment to real change. Why? Because they are making money. Exxon made more money in 2009 than any company in the history of money.

The leadership of both our countries has preferred stability to democracy for a long time.

The whole idea of democracy is that the setiments of our fellow citizens have power; we put ourselves in each other's hands.

Addiction is not an individual disease; it's a family sickness.

As the United States prepares for its inevitable takeover by special interests, Sojourners recently sat down with the godfather of them all, the National Rifle Association.

Culture Watch

Filmaker David Barnhart helps disaster survivors tell their ongoing stories of healing and recovery.
THE EGYPTIAN revolution started on Facebook. True. The Iranians who took to the streets last year to try to overturn a fraudulent election used Twitter to coordinate their actions and to communicate with the outside world. Also true.
A Time to Plant: Life Lessons in Work, Prayer, and Dirt by Kyle T. Kramer.
Latina/o Social Ethics: Moving Beyond Eurocentric Moral Thinking, by Miguel A. De La Torre.
Punching Out: One Year in a Closing Auto Plant, by Paul Clemens


Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A.
Touched your hem / A thousand times / A face just / Beyond my sight / Space between / Grace, grief