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To be human is to be imperfect, and although we shouldn’t glorify sin or purposefully live in sin, we need to be careful about labeling others at “heretics,” “unbelievers,” and “sinners.” Because in reality, contrary to everything we assume, those whom we detest just might be favored by God.

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This past weekend in my neighborhood of Overland Park, a shooter killed three people and injured others. ... I know two ways souls respond to such hate. In one, the heart hardens against the violence, protecting itself. In the other, the heart weeps, leaving itself open to be broken again.

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It is certainly true that we are a generation that defies most labels; because we have near unlimited access to a database of global information, we are a generation that doesn’t easily buy into a singular system of thought. ... That doesn’t mean we lack commitment to a community — but millennial communities will look radically different than that of previous generations.

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In the face of tragedy, Boston faith leaders from across traditions worked together to help their community. One year after the Boston Marathon bombing, Presbyterian minister Rev. Burns Stanfield, Imam Suhaib Webb, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism's Rachel Laser reflect on their common lessons. 


Here are a few specific reasons why it is important for men to take the time to be with their partners — to be present at their children’s births and during those first weeks or months, whenever possible.  

Neither words nor images can fully convey the emotional crises, psychological torment, and heart-wrenching pain the Rwandans experienced during the genocide. The “On Pilgrimage” series features the stories that impacted me most — the stories in which I found active examples of healing that has transcended into my experience.

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